Kids Suspension Classes

Importance of Suspension Fitness for Children

It is between the ages of 12-14 years that the bones of children begin to harden making it increasingly difficult to reverse the effects of spinal problems. In addition, children are being subjected to unnaturally prolonged periods of sitting in poorly designed desks at school as well as needing to carry back packs filled with heavy books on their shoulders. This can result in subluxation of the cervical and thoracic spine as well as pronation of the shoulders eventually resulting in headaches, joint pain, suppressed energy and poor mental function.

By moving the body in a variety of ways through space in a supported manner, children will begin to intuitively understand the importance of their center of gravity. This self awareness leads to improved motor skills, coordination and sensory integration resulting in poise, self esteem and confidence. In addition, regular inverting provides the brain with important nutrients thereby improving mental functions as well as elevating moods. Through stretching and strengthening movements that enhance spinal mobility, suspension play can potentially reduce indications of spinal conditions such as vertebral subluxation or scoliosis and will help to correct many of the problems associated with bad posture.'s a lot of fun too! Recommended for children ages 6- 12 years.



Family Suspension Play - web

Suspension fitness is beneficial and fun for the whole family! In this class, parents and kids get to share in a very special time. Through partnering and playful interactions, suspension yoga is brought to a whole new level of joyful connection and physical wellbeing.

Saturdays Sept 13th - Oct. 4th
11:00 am - 12:15 pm

Cost: (for child plus 1 parent)
4 classes - $120 + tx
Drop Ins - $35 + tx per couple

Pre registration is required with full payment at the time of registration.
* discounts for families of 4 or more are available




For the first time this year, The Flying Yogi will be offering a full day Suspension Yoga Summer Camp.  This innovative program will provide both active and creative outlets for energetic young bodies.  Daily activities include instruction in Suspension Yoga, journal writing, meditation.  Weather permitting there will be outdoor play which will include swimming, scavenger hunts, obstacle courses or inclusive sports.  Afternoons will be devoted to arts and crafts followed by dance and drama - a different theme will be introduced each day.  The day will end as it began with either journal writing or meditation.

Children will be encouraged to explore movement in their own authentic fashion thereby creating a deeper and healthier connection with their own bodies. 

Snacks consisting of fresh fruit, bottled water or juice are included but lunches are not provided.

July 21st - 25th 

9:00am - 3:00pm

Early Bird Special - $300 + tx
After May 31st - $350 + tx

Day Rate $75 + tx 
(subject to space availability)


About the Instructor
Jane Danielson has been inspiring kids in yoga and dance for over 12 years. She has taught children in ages ranging from 2 years old into the teens in both private and public schools, community centres and selected studios around Toronto. Jane's classes are playful and help children to develop skills for long-term health, coordination, creativity and the ability to work both independently and as well as in groups. Jane completed her certification training with Sarah Kellet CEO and Founder of OmGym International and is qualified to teach the OmGym Suspension System .


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