Prenatal Suspension Yoga

 About our Prenatal Program: 

It is well known what a wonderful helper yoga is to the pregnant and new mother. It helps to relieve physical tension in muscles and joints, builds stamina, and also facilitates the release of emotions and builds up confidence in the natural ability to give birth.

You can use various props during a prenatal class to make sure the poses are performed with least strain and maximum efficiency. One of such props is a yoga sling. It is an exceptional tool to enhance and optimize your prenatal yoga practice by relieving the pelvis of the weight of the trunk so that it is much more available to move and it is more free in its movement. Supported squats, open twists, warrior poses, chest opening poses and gentle inversions to mention a few, are all wonderful for toning and stretching the muscles, taking extra weight off joints and ligaments, improving circulation in legs and abdominal area, creating more space and a better environment for the baby to grow, relieving some common discomforts of pregnancy and preparing for a more comfortable birth.

The goal of our Prenatal program is not only to help pregnant women maintain and improve their physical and psychological well-being during pregnancy and birth but also offer them a chance to connect with other pregnant women, learn in detail about what happens during pregnancy and labour and be mentally and physically prepared for what comes after the birth.

We will share experiences and resources and will work together on empowering our bodies and souls to grow, birth and nurture our babies. The program is aspiring to help women discover benefits of being “in tune” with their bodies and learn how to use this skill for an overall well-being and emotional balance beyond childbearing and caring for growing kids.

Our instructor< Anuta Bondarenko, is a mom of three who has practiced Ashtanga, prenatal and suspension yoga throughout her pregnancies. She received her basic yoga instructor training in 2012 with Downward Dog and her prenatal yoga instructor training with Sasha Padron at Yoga Space in Toronto while pregnant with her third child.

We are also planning to run a follow up post natal suspension yoga programme that will focus on helping new moms to regain strength, maintain flexibility and look for an emotional balance in their exuberant and challenging everyday life with their babies.

*Space is limited to 8 participants. Preregistration required

What clients are saying:

INCREDIBLE! I so wish I had been coming since day 1 - far superior to just regular prenatal yoga. 
I am telling my doula to check out the class because I think it would be so beneficial to other pregnant people. Just holding the Goddess pose with support opened up my pelvis way more and my back pain was gone! ~ Sarah Groundwater-Law

"I am so thankful to be participating in Anuta's prenatal suspension yoga class. I joined the class early during my pregnancy. At this time I was experiencing depression due to anxiety over the pregnancy and doubts about my ability to be a competent mother of three. During Anuta's class, I was able to achieve relaxed, joyful feelings that then lasted most of the day. Through this weekly ritual of meditative release and body awareness, steady joy and confidence have emerged. Anuta is peaceful, perceptive and elegant, and her yoga class echoes her personality.

Learning to use the suspension equipment was easier than I expected. It quickly became a friendly, powerful tool for supporting and engaging my pregnant body." ~ Christina C.

Wednesdays 12:00 - 1:30 pm

Regular Suspension prices and Membership rates apply
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