Suspension Classes

Cost: $40 + tax

Next Workshop Dates
December 13th, January 3rd
3 - 5 pm

*New workshop dates will continue to be added so please check back!
Intro to Suspension Yoga introduces safe and effective use of the YogiGym Suspension Yoga Sling. Participants will discover how inversions and aerial movements decompress the spine, strengthen the core and achieve deep delicious stretches formerly only dreamed of. With the support of the YogiGym Sling you will also be able to enter more advanced yoga poses that you may have never been able to arrive at before safely. After 2 hours you will leave feeling invigorated, inspired, relaxed and yes, even a little bit taller!
Please note: It is a requirement that this workshop be taken prior to enrolling in any of the other Suspension classes.
Intro to Suspension

Saturdays 12:30 - 2:00 pm
Tuesdays 6:30 - 8:00 pm
Wednesdays 9:30 - 11 am

Cirque Du Soleil started the aerial dance and yoga craze with spectacular Chinese silk ribbon performances, and now the YogiGym makes aerial movement comfortable for all to enjoy. This is an exceptional yoga tool, designed to increase flexibility, balance, coordination, and personal power, while experiencing the uplifting effects of heightened prana and life force. This is the perfect yoga accessory for handstand training, split training, hip opening, chest and shoulder stretching, supported back-bending, and hamstring lengthening, with the ability to use proper Iyengar alignment techniques and dynamic flow. This can be a challenging class and most suitable for those who are ready to fly!




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Thursdays 7:00 - 8:30 pm
Suspension Therapy is an excellent for anyone with physical constraints, injuries, illnesses or who simply desires a gentler approach to their suspended workout. This class combines the relaxation of restorative yoga with the therapeutic benefits of grounded traction and the delicious stretches that can only be achieved through supported and suspended yoga postures and inversions. Some of the poses will be held for extended periods of time in a comfortable manner without strain or effort. No core or strength training....just stretching and relaxing! You will leave feeling nourished and well rested after the first session.


Suspension Therapy


Mondays 6:30- 8:00 pm

The foundation of strength is a solid core and conscious stability. Build a strong core - join our new class that focuses on workouts that will strengthen and challenge you to your core!

Using your own body-weight in the YogiGym system, our new instructor O.J. will safely guide you through a series of exercise routines guaranteed to build strength and improve body awareness. The YogiGym system fully supports you through these routines while safely challenging your sense of stability. It works by strengthening counterbalancing muscle sets: abdominals vs. back muscles and oblique abdominals, including the important muscles that anchor arms and legs to the body.

The result: a stronger core and better balance, complementing and improving your existing fitness routines and/or sports regimen.

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Safety Guidelines

Although suspensions and inversions are suitable for most any body, some constraints do exist. It is recommended that anyone trying the YogiGym for the first time review our Safety Checklist. If there is anything on the list that raises questions for you, please call the studio and we will do our best to address your concerns. It is also recommended that you consult your physician if this is your first time participating in a fitness program or have not done any form of exercise for sometime.

Class Rates

All classes are by preregistration only. Please register on line with our SIGN UP OPTION or email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to reserve your spot. Classes may be purchased individually or, for the best value visit our FEES page to learn about our discounted Class Membership Packages.

Group Rates

For quotes on private parties or corporate groups please email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


"I thought at first this was a yoga gimmick, but it's far from it. The principles are solid, the studio is beautiful and the yoga flow takes full mind, body and spirit focus and strength! I encourage anyone who loves yoga to try it! The mandatory intro class Beatrix teaches is excellent!" ~ S.L.C.

"If we stop and really think about the constant effect gravity can have on our body; our organs, spine, circulation etc., one can appreciate the benefits of inversion or anti-gravity therapy, which has been known for thousands of years! Like many others, I tend to hold my stress in my shoulders, leaving me with horrible headaches and muscle pain in my neck and traps. Again, like many others, I sought massage therapy, chiropractic and physiotherapy for my ailments. While each of these modalities of therapy are effective, I personally found the relief to be temporary and costly.

As a firm believer of relieving the effects of gravity I was immediately drawn to the OmGym classes. After undergoing just 3 classes (once a week), my body feels lighter and the muscle tension and pain in my neck has significantly subsided; most importantly, these effects have lasted for well over one week. Similar to any other form of therapy or exercise, it must be maintained for maximum benefits; particularly since gravity is a constant! Just as any other modality of therapy, it may not be the therapy of choice for some, however the simple fact that it is a natural, safe and proven method to relieve pain while improving overall health, should be enough for everyone to try this cost-effective therapy at least once!" ~ Cathy B.




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